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In Simple Ideas you will find ideas that should be achievable for any congregation. Immensely practical, but requiring the minimum of time or resources. Ideal for people looking for a good place to begin.

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Office Staff Meal

The office staff are the first point of contact in a school. They provide a welcoming atmosphere and help with numerous queries as well as making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. To show your appreciation of their support you could provide a yearly Office Staff Meal at the Church.   

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Feeding staff at parents' evenings

Before each parents’ evening (there are six each year), your local churches could bring sandwiches and baking into the school, set it up and serve tea and coffee. The food can be provided mainly by individuals from the local churches and Christian parents. It’s great to be able to support and encourage the teachers in this way and get to know and build relationships with them. It gathers the staff in one place before what can often be difficult evenings for them and helps them feel valued. It can make a great impact yet is such a simple thing to do!

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