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It's Your Move

Beginning something new is always a challenge and can often be exciting and scary at the same time.  When you’re just 11 or 12 and are faced with the major change from primary to secondary school, and could be daunted by the prospect, then it isn’t such a bad idea to find out what the new life is going to involve.

Scripture Union (England & Wales) have produced a booklet called It’s your Move which is designed to give Primary 7 children the kind of information that will answer many of the questions they have about going to secondary school. (It's Your Move (Pack of 10) - Your guide to moving to secondary school - £20 available from

The first step is to discuss the opportunity with school management. Be transparent and up front that this booklet is coming from a Christian perspective. Suggest to them that they may wish to inform parents that the booklet will be on offer for children. Once agreed, it would be expected that the Church would supply the books, free of charge, and they could be offered to P7 children on a take-it or leave-it basis. You might also offer to support the school by helping in classes that prepare children for the transition ahead.

Guidance notes on how to run an It's Your Move event in your local school can be downloaded from the SU Scotland website here as well as a programme for a two-hour event.