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Medium Ideas are aimed at congregations who are looking to expand their service within their local school. Many of these ideas require regular commitment from the congregation and are ideal for people with more time on their hands.

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Invite a school to use your church as a concert venue

Many schools have large and thriving music departments with all kinds of groups and ensembles for pupils to participate in.  In one school, this began to cause difficulties as there was no space large enough to accommodate all the pupils involved in the school concert as well as all the parents, family and friends who wanted to attend. 

A local church saw this need and, as they had a larger auditorium which would be ideal for the concert, they offered to let the school use their building free of charge.  This had huge benefits for the school in allowing them the space they needed for all the groups to take part in the concert and to accommodate the audience. 

It also helped in building relationships between the church and the school and allowed the church to bless the school and the local community.  Members of the church were there during the concert to help with stewarding and they also worked with the school to help provide refreshments at the interval.  This gave opportunities for conversations between members of the church and members of the school community.

How could you start this yourself?

  • If you have a large church building that might be suitable, and you think this is something that might benefit the school, chat to your church leader(s) to gain approval for the idea.
  • Then, contact the head teacher and make the offer to discuss the possibility of using the church for a concert.
  • If the plan goes ahead, you will need to organise time before the concert for the pupils to rehearse in the church and get used to the venue.
  • You will need to find people in the church who could help on the night by stewarding, manning fire exits or helping with refreshments.

Great ways to serve your school in 2016

There are many ways for Scottish churches to engage with their community and local schools. If you need inspiration for 2016, why not try some of the top ideas offered in 2015?

A great way to get stuck in is getting involved in or setting up an SU Group, aimed at creating a safe place where every pupil is welcomed and respected and where Christian values are modelled.

Alternatively, you can be part of an after school club. There are plenty opportunities such as a sports club or a drama club.

But it is not just the children and young people we can engage with, it is the whole school community. So why not, at the end of another academic year, say thank you with a lovely meal. On the topic of food, how about encouraging a healthy life style by means of a breakfast club encouraging the community to start the day healthy.

Last but certainly not least, we can pray for a school, on our own or as part of a prayer group.  So far over 50% of Scottish schools are registered as prayed for.  We would love to see that number go up in 2016!

For more information on working with a school, go to our Get Started section


Sports Coaching

If you are looking for opportunities to serve your local school and you enjoy sports, it is possible to combine the two. Most schools have football or other sports teams which often need volunteers, either to run them or to help out. In addition, most schools would be open to new clubs if you are able to set up a sports club the school does not offer. 

Where to start?      

  • Firstly, contact the school and find out what sports
    clubs they already have and when they take place.
  • Secondly, work out what you are able to offer the school, whether you can support an existing group or organising a new one.
  • What time are you able to commit and for how long? If you are starting something new or restarting a club, you will need to agree with the school when the activities will take place, what age group it is for and how long each session will last.
  • Work with others in your church to ensure you are linking up with other relationships that there may be with the school. It is likely you will need to get someone else to help you, either from the school or the church.
  • Contact the headteacher to meet up so you can talk through what you can offer.
  • You will need to plan your coaching sessions making sure they are engaging and fun.
    You might want to consider some basic coaching training for the sport you wish to coach. For example, football, rugby union or a variety of other sports.

Musicians in schools

A local musician, supported by his church, offered himself to a secondary school to be used in “any way they wished”. He began by putting on a small lunchtime concert every Thursday in the concourse / social-area of the school, and encouraged participation from other musical students. The response was excellent, and over time, staff consistently commented on the benefits saying “the atmosphere is better when you are in here”.

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‘School Run’ initiative 

Exercise of any kind might physically be demanding but usually leaves participants feeling more confident, refreshed and motivated. The ‘School Run’ programme encourages children and adults to take exercise in the form of a run before the school day starts. It sets out personal targets for the individual and helps them to focus positively on improving their fitness.

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Cosy Cafe in School

Cosy Cafe is a Fairtrade drop-in cafe that is set up in a school classroom during lunchtime once a week.  It is a relaxed and safe space amidst the busyness of a school day, where pupils can sit and chat, play games, eat their lunch, buy Fairtrade products and drink hot chocolate.  It provides an opportunity for members of the local churches to support the school and build relationships with pupils in a comfortable setting.  Also, if there is currently a Fairtrade group within the school it provides a link and supports them.

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