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Medium Ideas are aimed at congregations who are looking to expand their service within their local school. Many of these ideas require regular commitment from the congregation and are ideal for people with more time on their hands.

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Story Sacks/Topic Boxes 

Story Sacks focus on telling one particular Bible story through a wide variety of methods. They comprise of at least two story or picture books, props and/or dressing up clothes to act it out, colouring pages and worksheets, pictures, games, toys, and perhaps even a puppet. They also contain a Teachers Folder which gives details of items in the sack and ideas of how each can be used.

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Run a fair trade group

Schools can apply for fair-trade status (there are now over 800 Fairtrade Schools in the UK). This is something a church is well placed to support – not least because many churches feel strongly about social justice and the importance of fair trade. In order to become a fair trade school, the school needs to set up a fair trade group, write a fair trade policy, use and promote  fair trade products, learn about fair trade and run fair trade events throughout the year. The Fairtrade Foundation website  has a lot of helpful information.

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Supported Study Groups

In secondary schools extra tuition is offered after school by teachers in the form of Supported Study Groups; especially as exams get nearer! At the end of a busy teaching day members of staff are often pleased to have someone who can circulate as the pupils work, offering advice and direction. In subjects such as Art additional help can be provided as an extra pair of hands to help with framing finished pictures.  Sometimes volunteers have been invited to go on trips with the department they have helped too.

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Open the Book

Open the Book offers a structured programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories that fits comfortably into primary assemblies.  Volunteers use drama, mime, costume and props (and possibly staff and pupils) to tell stories in a way that is lively, engaging and informative,  initially from the “Lion Storyteller Bible.” This is “topped and tailed” by comments and a prayer from the Open the Book materials. A Headteacher may request a time of reflection instead of a prayer, which should be observed. It could also be used in an RME lesson.

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Revision Classes

School pupils facing prelims and/or SQA exams often get stressed.  A local church offers Revision Classes in certain subjects in the run-up to school prelims and/or SQA exams. Maths and Science subjects are likely to be the most sought after. It could be run on a Saturday morning, as an after school group, or in an evening.

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