Supported Study Groups
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 1:31PM
Gail McLay in Classroom, Medium Ideas for Secondary Schools, lessons secondary, teachers

In secondary schools extra tuition is offered after school by teachers in the form of Supported Study Groups; especially as exams get nearer! At the end of a busy teaching day members of staff are often pleased to have someone who can circulate as the pupils work, offering advice and direction. In subjects such as Art additional help can be provided as an extra pair of hands to help with framing finished pictures.  Sometimes volunteers have been invited to go on trips with the department they have helped too.

If you have a relevant qualification or work experience to share, you could offer to help.

Perhaps you could be a visiting speaker to one of these supported study groups, offer a one-off workshop, or visit more regularly.

How could you start this yourself?


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