Story Sacks/Topic Boxes 
Friday, July 26, 2013 at 3:04PM
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Story Sacks focus on telling one particular Bible story through a wide variety of methods. They comprise of at least two story or picture books, props and/or dressing up clothes to act it out, colouring pages and worksheets, pictures, games, toys, and perhaps even a puppet. They also contain a Teachers Folder which gives details of items in the sack and ideas of how each can be used.

Story Sacks were first developed to help nurseries explore Christmas, which was quickly followed by Story Sacks for other festivals such as Easter and Harvest. P1-3 classes often use story sacks too, using relevant stories such as Noah, David and Goliath or the Lost Sheep. 

Story Sacks can be borrowed for a month at a time and are then brought back to the Church for sorting, replacing items and storing. Each sack includes a feedback form which teachers can fill in to say what they thought of a particular resource or to suggest other ideas. 

One school asked if we could make topic boxes for P4-7. After researching which would be the most relevant, Topic Boxes for heroes such as Moses, Ruth and Esther were made. Topic Boxes include books, DVDs, puzzle books and lesson plans. 


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