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Start an SU Group


Many schools across Scotland have groups that meet over lunchtime or after school which look at exploring the Christian Faith. SU Scotland runs over 450 of these “SU Groups” in both Primary and Secondary schools across the country. Each group is different but they all aim to create a safe place where every pupil (of any faith or none) is welcomed and respected; a place where Christian values are modelled.

The groups offer young people the chance to ask questions about the Christian faith, bring friends, share ideas and enjoy time together. Through storytelling, open discussions, encouraging questions and exploring the Bible pupils are invited to discover where faith can play a part in individual lives and the community.

Some groups gather and pupils bring their lunch to eat together, before moving on to some fun activities; some last 15-20mins, whilst others are an hour at the end of the school day. Groups are led by school staff, senior pupils, parents or other church volunteers or youth workers - anyone in whom the school and SU Scotland have confidence. It’s a weekly commitment involving a bit of preparation and a lunch hour (or a different time slot after school) in your local school.

How could you start this yourself?