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Sports Coaching

If you are looking for opportunities to serve your local school and you enjoy sports, it is possible to combine the two. Most schools have football or other sports teams which often need volunteers, either to run them or to help out. In addition, most schools would be open to new clubs if you are able to set up a sports club the school does not offer. 

Where to start?      

  • Firstly, contact the school and find out what sports
    clubs they already have and when they take place.
  • Secondly, work out what you are able to offer the school, whether you can support an existing group or organising a new one.
  • What time are you able to commit and for how long? If you are starting something new or restarting a club, you will need to agree with the school when the activities will take place, what age group it is for and how long each session will last.
  • Work with others in your church to ensure you are linking up with other relationships that there may be with the school. It is likely you will need to get someone else to help you, either from the school or the church.
  • Contact the headteacher to meet up so you can talk through what you can offer.
  • You will need to plan your coaching sessions making sure they are engaging and fun.
    You might want to consider some basic coaching training for the sport you wish to coach. For example, football, rugby union or a variety of other sports.