‘School Run’ initiative 
Monday, November 19, 2012 at 4:55PM
Gail McLay in Medium Ideas for Primary Schools, Medium Ideas for Secondary Schools, Secondary, Sport, health and wellbeing, primary

Exercise of any kind might physically be demanding but usually leaves participants feeling more confident, refreshed and motivated. The ‘School Run’ programme encourages children and adults to take exercise in the form of a run before the school day starts. It sets out personal targets for the individual and helps them to focus positively on improving their fitness.

Each person registers to the programme and is given a laminated number with their name on it. A mile course is measured within the vicinity of the school and at 8:15am they all set off and run together. They are timed and when they have completed the course their number is collected and will correspond to the time on the stopwatch. They get a sweet for taking part and they then go and get ready for school. 

After the run, the results are published on the notice board, showing each week’s results, which allows people to track their progress. Spot prizes are given out for personal achievements. It’s something churches can support a teacher in organising and delivering.

How could you start this yourself?



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