School managment 'Thank You' meal
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 3:41PM
Serve Your Local School

Organising a meal for your school’s Management Team is a great way to grow a relationship between the school and your church. It’s wonderful to be able to say thank you to staff for serving the students, and for your church members who know some staff in the school to have a conversation which is more than just “hi, thanks, bye”.

Your church may be able to host the meal within your own buildings – but do make an effort to make the surroundings as warm & as pleasing as you can; (wobbly stacking-chairs set up beside Formica tables in a cold dingy church hall does not feel like much of a ‘treat’). Run the event in partnership with another church that may have a more suitable venue, or consider hiring a local room.

Many churches have knockout catering teams and with some good organisation could produce a delightful three (or more!) course meal. Additional (or nicer) crockery, cutlery and glass can be hired cheaply, or you can bring in external caterers who will do everything for you.

The meal could be followed by an after-dinner speaker, but we’d advise against using this as an opportunity to ‘preach’ to an audience you’ve managed to trap in your church! Try to find someone who is a gifted natural speaker and has a relevant link to education. Fifteen minutes for a talk will be plenty.

Additionally, it would be beneficial if resources are available for the management team to browse through and borrow; or you use it as an opportunity to offer a new service/course for pupils for the next academic year; or perhaps you have managed to source some funding for a specific need in the school (e.g. RME book resources)

How could you start this yourself?

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