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Run a fair trade group

Schools can apply for fair-trade status (there are now over 800 Fairtrade Schools in the UK). This is something a church is well placed to support – not least because many churches feel strongly about social justice and the importance of fair trade. In order to become a fair trade school, the school needs to set up a fair trade group, write a fair trade policy, use and promote  fair trade products, learn about fair trade and run fair trade events throughout the year. The Fairtrade Foundation website  has a lot of helpful information.


How could you start this yourself?

  •  Find out if the school already has a fair trade group. If so, think of how you could support it.
  •  If not, ask if it’s something that would be appreciated! You may need to write the policy yourself, but there may be a staff member who would like to work with you.
  • The fair trade group can be offered to pupils as a lunch club or after school activity.
  • You could offer to do lessons, either as part of RME or geography classes. Christian Aid and Tearfund both have good resources.
  • You could run a fair trade cafe in the school, with volunteers from the Church serving hot drinks, and young people staffing a fair trade tuck shop.
  • The group could take orders for fair trade advent calendars/ Christmas gifts in November.
  • Organise a fair trade fashion show!
  • The group could sell fair trade baking, or have a fair trade chocolate fountain on one lunch time, with fruit skewers and marshmallows. And napkins!