Primary 6/7 Mentoring Groups
Monday, November 19, 2012 at 4:53PM
Gail McLay in Medium Ideas for Primary Schools, Transition, mentoring, primary

A mentoring programme that targets P6 pupils can be established using the YMCA Scotland’s Achieve Your Potential resource. This kind of project has supports many young people who benefited from having their own mentor. It can help them with the transition to secondary school and prepares them for their big move. The mentors are all volunteers from the local church. Although not a requirement, good volunteers are retired people bringing with them many years of life experience.

Mentors need to be understanding and be empathetic to the needs of the individuals. Taking a non-judgmental approach, the mentor needs to be patient and committed to the young person. 

The programme combines group activities, games and challenges with one to one work. Initially the programme follows the YMCA material, but after that the team will design the programme around the identified needs of the group and the skills offered by the mentors. Essentially the mentor is standing by the child at a time in education when they might most need it, and in doing so, putting into practice their Christian faith.

How could you start this yourself? 


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