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Open the Book

Open the Book offers a structured programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories that fits comfortably into primary assemblies.  Volunteers use drama, mime, costume and props (and possibly staff and pupils) to tell stories in a way that is lively, engaging and informative,  initially from the “Lion Storyteller Bible.” This is “topped and tailed” by comments and a prayer from the Open the Book materials. A Headteacher may request a time of reflection instead of a prayer, which should be observed. It could also be used in an RME lesson.

How could you start this yourself?

  • Visit the Open Book Website or  contact their national office in Gloucester on 01452 539957.  They will identify other individuals and groups in Scotland willing to help you learn from their experience.
  • Make contact with the teacher responsible for RO (often a depute) and ask if this would be a helpful addittion to the school's delivery of RO.
  • Gather a team of 4 or 5 willing story tellers
  • Obtain copies of The Lion Storyteller Bible (around £7). Each group member would benefit from having this and a copy of the Open the Book Handbook for Year 1 at £5.  Registration with Open the Book is free but a condition of buying the Yearbook.  It also opens up their resources website with a fantastic array of prop-making and story-telling tips.
  • Plan to make props and costumes. Some are very simple, or will reappear in different stories or can be borrowed and loaned with other nearby groups.
  • Organise rehearsal, prayer and delivery time each week in the church or by arrangement with the school.