Musicians in schools
Friday, May 16, 2014 at 11:49AM
Gail McLay in Medium Ideas for Primary Schools, Medium Ideas for Secondary Schools, Music, Secondary, primary

A local musician, supported by his church, offered himself to a secondary school to be used in “any way they wished”. He began by putting on a small lunchtime concert every Thursday in the concourse / social-area of the school, and encouraged participation from other musical students. The response was excellent, and over time, staff consistently commented on the benefits saying “the atmosphere is better when you are in here”.

The next request from the school was to help build bridges with pupils in Learning Support and Behavioural Support. As this took up more of his time, he handed over the lunchtime concert to be led by pupils, who had been growing in confidence as regular performers.

The work in Learning Support developed positively so that he reflects that “this has been the most rewarding work I have ever done in a a mile!”  For example, one particular pupil from a difficult home background, struggled with low self esteem, poor academic achievement and behavioural issues. He was helped to play an instrument for the first time and by the end of term he was  able to perform, with others, in a concert in front of the whole school.

How can you do this yourself?

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