Join a FAST (Families and Schools Together) group
Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 2:07PM
Gail McLay in Medium Ideas for Primary Schools, Medium Ideas for Secondary Schools, Parents, parenting, practical, support

FAST (Families and Schools Together) is a research based initiative funded by Save the Children. FAST groups encourages school staff, parents and community members to work together to build the link between the school and the local community, while also strengthening links within a family unit.

Families are invited in to the school once a week (for 8 weeks), where they take part in a structured programme that includes specific family time, quality time for parents to spend one to one with a chosen child, time for parents to get to know other parents, and time for parents to get to know members of the local community. This is completed with a meal that everyone has together, and each evening also has plenty of songs and fun.

How can I get involved?

Schools that run the programme look for community helpers to join their FAST team. The community helpers are an integral part of the programme and often form strong relationships with both the school and the parents as a result of being part of FAST.

If you are interested, contact your local authority to find out if they are running FAST within any local schools. If they are, nominate yourself as a potential FAST community helper. Alternatively, contact local schools and make them aware that you would be interested in being involved, should they run FAST at their school.

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