Cosy Cafe in School
Monday, November 19, 2012 at 4:28PM
Gail McLay in Fairtrade, Medium Ideas for Secondary Schools, Secondary, school club, youth work

Cosy Cafe is a Fairtrade drop-in cafe that is set up in a school classroom during lunchtime once a week.  It is a relaxed and safe space amidst the busyness of a school day, where pupils can sit and chat, play games, eat their lunch, buy Fairtrade products and drink hot chocolate.  It provides an opportunity for members of the local churches to support the school and build relationships with pupils in a comfortable setting.  Also, if there is currently a Fairtrade group within the school it provides a link and supports them.

How could you start this yourself?



You could also run a Cosy Cafe in Church out of school time, and invite the young people from the school cafe into the church cafe, so the young people know what to expect.

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