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Medium Ideas are aimed at congregations who are looking to expand their service within their local school. Many of these ideas require regular commitment from the congregation and are ideal for people with more time on their hands.


Cosy Cafe in Church

Cosy Cafe is a fair trade youth cafe that meets in an evening in a church.   It is a space for young people to develop relationships with each other and with God in a comfortable and fun environment.  It can be run with activities like a games room, a ‘chill out room’ and of course a cafe selling hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows! There are also creative activities each week to help the young people to explore some of life’s big questions.

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Starting an SU Group

Christian groups over lunchtime or after school are often - but not always - called “SU Groups” or “Scripture Union Groups.” There are around 400 such groups in Scotland.

SU Groups vary from group to group, but you’d expect to see a friendly welcome to any and every young person, not just the Church goers. You’d expect a focus on “exploring the Bible” in an engaging way; and you’d expect it to be fun. You might also expect food as members eat their lunch while the group gathers.

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Physical Education for the unwilling!

There will always be teenagers who would rather avoid PE and will often forget their PE kit.  There may also be young people in your local school with an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  Why not consider serving the pupils and school by getting alongside them and helping? 

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Parent Councils

Parent Councils are made up of parents with children at the school, the Head Teacher and co-opted members from community groups with interest in the school (such as school chaplains).

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Revision Classes

School pupils facing prelims and/or SQA exams often get stressed.  A local church offers Revision Classes in certain subjects in the run-up to school prelims and/or SQA exams. Maths and Science subjects are likely to be the most sought after. It could be run on a Saturday morning, as an after school group, or in an evening.

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Pop up one day clubs

On school in-service days, pupils are off school, church halls are often empty, and parents are looking for ways to keep their children busy and safe, teenagers are also usually available to help.  Is this not the perfect opportunity to organise and run a one-day Holiday Club?

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