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Money Managment Course

Many young people are growing up without any direction on how to navigate their way through the important decisions about how to handle their money. CAP Money Youth is designed to change all of that. It is a very simple but very affective money management course which has now been adapted for secondary school pupils.  

For a church member to deliver CAP Money Youth course would be a fantastic way to serve a local school and to reach out to the young people in the community

CAP Money Youth is based around a character called Sam who is about to head off to college and has to learn to budget for the first time.  As a group we work through Sam’s budget to see if we can help it to balance.  The course also looks to answer questions such as:

  • What does APR mean?
  • How much interest is on a store card?
  • What is bankruptcy and what happens when things go wrong?

The content has been received very positively by schools as it promotes and equips pupils with vital life skills identified in Curriculum for Excellence.  A CAP Money course takes around 3 hours and can be delivered in one or two sessions.  

How to get started?

  • Enquire if anyone in your congregation is interested in delivering CAP Money Youth or already has experience in this field.
  • CAP training course is required in order to deliver CAP Money.  This is an initial 1-day CAP training course (cost £45) followed by training in this youth version (cost £30). The hand-outs come in a PDF form which makes it easy to replicate.  
  • Get in touch with local schools and enquire about the possibility to deliver CAP Money Youth.

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Make Lunch - Filling the Holiday Hunger Gap

Free school meals make a huge difference to 130,000 children in Scotland, but when schools are closed so are the kitchens... is a network of churches working to fill the holiday hunger gap.  In 2012, when the Archbishop of Canterbury asked a group of secondary school pupils whether they were looking forward to the summer holidays that were about to start, they said no, because they wouldn’t be able to get their free school meals while the school was closed.

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Rights Respecting Award

Primary and secondary schools across Scotland are beginning to engage with the processes of the ‘Rights Respecting School Award’ (RRSA).

This UNICEF initiative is being heavily promoted by the Scottish Government and fits well with the capacities inherent in Curriculum for Excellence and the current schools’ focus on issues such as Restorative Justice, Health and Wellbeing, and Citizenship. Based on the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child, it encourages schools to bring staff, pupils and community together to explore rights and responsibilities as well as to create core values and ethos for a school. It’s an ideal area for the involvement of chaplains, Religious Observance teams and churches. 

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