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Prayer Spaces in Schools

Prayer spaces in schools are a great way of getting young people to think about prayer, and are a creative way of running an RO event – as part of an activity in the informal curriculum to which pupils opt in.

Alternatively, in some schools all pupils are given a timetabled opportunity to visit as an act of RO. A prayer space encourages young people to engage with prayer interactively, helping them to explore reflection and different ways to pray. This is achieved through providing different stations. Each station uses a different form of prayer, for example expressing a prayer through a drawing, praying for a local area using a map, creating a prayer chain with paper or weaving strips of cloth with prayers written on them. The room can be set out in different ways, with sub-sections each devoted to a particular theme or way of praying. Simple ideas are often best – a short description can be placed in each area to act as a guide.

The main purpose is to encourage young people to pray, with the prayer space providing a safe and comfortable place to explore quiet reflection.

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